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Freelance Chef


Private Dining

Priced per person
$30 and up

Dinner parties, cocktail parties, receptions, pop-ups, family meals in your home or provided venue. Family style, plated, and buffet styles available to suit your needs.

Get in touch to create your custom event


Small Scale Catering, Full-Service

Priced per person, from $30 up, plus transport/service fee

Receptions, office parties, special occasions, etc..

I will prepare a menu to be served professionally on site. Includes breakdown and cleanup. 


Small Scale Catering, Drop Off

Priced per person, from $15 up, plus transport/setup fee



Special Orders

Varies on request

Receptions, office parties, special occasions, etc.. I will prepare a menu for your special event that can be setup for elegant self-service / buffet. Does not include breakdown or cleanup. Food will be left in disposable serving trays. 


Baked goods including sourdough breads, pastries, cookies, and cakes, as well as "one pot" meals (i.e. pot roast, coq au vin, lasagna, etc.) available for pickup or delivery.


Cooking Classes / Lessons

The options are endless! Please inquire for individualized pricing. 

Whether you want ongoing lessons to become more confident in the kitchen, want to learn a specific skill like a pro, or want to host a fun interactive party for a small group of friends, cooking classes are a fun way to create and learn! 


Chef Residency or Dining Series

Please inquire

Is your small business in need of temporary in-house chef services? Are you a restaurant owner in need of an interim Exec Chef, or is your restaurant in need of a reset in the kitchen? Whatever the scenario, I can be your temporary Chef to impress your guests and make things go smoothly for your business. 


Research & Development

Please inquire

Whether you have an idea for a food product you want to bring to market, are testing recipes for an upcoming cookbook, or opening a new food business, I can help you fine tune and standardize your recipe for success.


Menu Consulting

Please inquire

The ins and outs of writing menus for a restaurant can be tricky and difficult to navigate. I will help you understand how to write a menu that is appealing to the customer but maximizes your efficiency and bottom line in the kitchen. I will also train you how to analyze it once it's up and running, to avoid leaving money on the table.